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Pearl Oppenheimer is an actress and writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Mass Communications from Piedmont College where her original play Betty Rose- The Survivor won "Best Capstone Project of 2017" from both departments. While at Piedmont, Pearl toured with the Chamber Singers, hosted her radio show, and acted in a variety of theatrical productions most notably as Natalie Haller in All Shook Up and Lady Macbeth. In 2015 she received the "Meo Meo My Award" for excellence in acting. After graduation, Pearl joined Whole World Improv Theatre where she was part of the apprentice cast. Currently, Pearl writes and performs in the comedy duo Petty and Messy. Also, she’s an improviser with Trajectory, which was a finalist in the Atlanta Winter Improv League. Some of her film credits include major/supporting roles in Mute, Row Land, Behind the Veil, Personal Injury Court, and various commercials.

When not performing she enjoys hiking, trying to cook, thrift shopping, doodling, and hanging out with her friends. 

Height: 5'4"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown​

Location: Atlanta, Georgia






Contact Pearl Directly 

(678) 936-5212 

Atlanta, GA 

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